Risk Factor: dangers of dru*g abuse in the society

The underrating we give dru*g abuse issues

cases have left the case to keep going and enlarging in our society and our country at large in Nigeria. Dru*g abusing have gone beyond what a parent can train his or her child against nor what a teacher can fight against in school. Universities are finding these issues more alarming in campuses. Dru*g abuse is now doing more harm to the community than good now.

dangers of dru-g abuse in the society

Dru*g is any substances that are taking into the body system that enhances metabolize the body system to function adequately without any side effect.



Abuse is when something is used in an unintended way and by over doing what is initially been meant for. Abuse is to go beyond what a thing is meant to do. Dru*g abuse is by using more than what is prescribed for us to use and overtaking of the dru*g for more effects. Dru*g abused is taking the dru*g over the stated description. Overdose is when a dru*g is taking more than the normal dose prescribed by a doctor.

The over usages of dru*gs is not an issue to just look with complacency in this country because the life of youth involves is rising every day and the system is acting like is not a treating issue to the country. The dru*g usage means of spreading is through peer group pressure that is rising in the country.

The influences of celebrities on the youths have increased the rate of dru*gs abuse in the country.

The celebrities are making it look like is cool stuff to do and neglecting that the usage of dru*gs for another thing in society. What do you expect a child that loves a celebrity and see what is doing and will not do likewise?.


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Let the government put some measures that not make dru*gs abuse usage in the entertainment look good. They should ban any music that promotes dru*gs abuse and any video content that encourages the act. Is now a thing of a norm for the celebrity to keep sing and encouraging dru*gs abuse and video content showing them indulging in such acts.

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