Complaints Relating To Denture Users and Correction

There is, inevitably, the potential for problems to arise subsequent to the fitting the dentures. These problems may be transient and may be essentially disregarded by the patient or they may be serious enough to result in the patient being unable to tolerate the dentures and proceed to lodge a complaint.

Complaints Relating To Denture

Problems lodged by patients immediately after provision of replacement dentures include discomfort, looseness or general problems in relation to an adaptation. Some of these problems difficulties may have a very large number of possible causes, and, indeed, can be a multi-factor in origin.

Many patients experience some discomfort for a period of up to a few days following receipt of new or replacement dentures. The great majority of patients achieve comfortable co-existence with their appliances following a short period of adjustment to the new conditions. This can be greatly assisted by a careful, detailed explanation of any difficulties that the operator might anticipate.



Patients do have more than one complaint and it is impossible to discuss everyone.


However, Complaints could be in three parts:



Long time (with old denture)

Patients are frequently wrong in exactly locating source of problems. Hence need to spend time to look and think. Never adjust except you are sure of where to adjust on the denture.; Most complaints fall under one of the following;

  1. Pain and discomfort for the patient
  2. Denture Appearance: Appearance is part of the main reason for a patient to seek a prostheses denture. Esthetic is the number one function of the denture in the patient mouth. Lips and cheeks falling in due to denture teeth being set too far lingually and to insufficient width of the buccal and labial flanges


Dissatisfaction with teeth

Colour: Note that natural teeth darken with age and those very light-shaded teeth look more artificial than darker ones.

Shape & size: Remove the teeth complained of and replace them with others mounted in wax until, by a process of trial and error, mutually suitable ones are obtained.

  1. Inability to eat with dentures
  2. loose denture
  3. Clicking of teeth
  4. Gagging of the denture
  5. Inability to tolerate the denture
  6. Denture Altered speech
  7. Biting the cheek and tongue while wearing a denture.
  8. Food packing under the denture
  9. Inability to keep denture clean
  10. Numbness & tingling

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