6 Powerful Ways to Overcoming Doubts

       Before you read on overcoming doubts, you have to know what doubt is, its causes, what doubt can lead to and a solution to doubt.

When you are bold, you try new things, you face things that you have always been running from, you become more confident and say to yourself, I can do more in this area’ the opposite of this is what we know to be Doubt.

6 Powerful Ways to Overcoming Doubts

Doubt is a lack of confidence and entertainment of fear, it simply means disbelief. Doubt can arise as a result of incapability or disappointment. There are so many other things that can lead to doubt.


     Talking of the causes of doubt. Doubt can be as a result of:

  1. Past record of failure
  2. Peer pressure
  3. Having the same result over time
  4. Immature feeling
  5. Inability to secure help
  6. Financial problems


  1. Past Record of failure: when you have always been trying something but the results have always been a negative one, you will have a doubting mind when you want to attempt it again


  1. Peer Pressure: probably when you are the only one in your family or admit your friends doing a different thing or trying out a new thing and there’s no one encouraging you the doubting spirit comes in making it seems like you will never get it right.


  1. Having the same result over time: this is different from having a record of failure. You might have been having the same result over the years and not want to practice the same thing again because you’ve always been getting a fixed outcomeGadgets Place Ads


  1. Immature feeling: what I mean by this immature feeling is thinking that you are too young to take bold steps, steps that require boldness and strength, your immature feeling tells you that you are not capable, you are not strong enough, and you’ll break down soon. But all these are actually not right.


  1. Inability to secure help: this is when you have been trying something overtime and no one has raised a helping hand for you. No one has supported you, you have been doing it all alone.


  1. Financial problems: you get lazy and discouraged to try out your new skills because there’s no enough money, then doubts about attaining higher position sets in.


      What doubt can lead to:

Talking about doubt, doubt is very much powerful if you entertain it, it has ruined so many businesses, career, and even relationships. Doubt can lead to


  1. Delay in progress
  2. Procrastination
  3. Low self-esteem



  1. Delay in progress: Doubt will offer you nothing but make you set goals and never actualize it. The more eager you are to actualize it, the more loudly you think you cannot make it.
  2. Procrastination: you will keep on postponing what you need to do because you are afraid to face it and fail.


  1. Low self-esteem: doubt leads to low self-esteem in that you will not see yourself producing a good result in the future. You will not see yourself as a success.


You have seen so many damages doubt can cause but what doubt causes is not enough to disapprove it, you need a solution to it. Now let’s talk about solutions to doubt

Do not stop reading, you already have the idea of what causes doubt in you and you think you have the solution; of course, solutions are already coming up from your mind but read further and add to it.


  1. Believe in yourself
  2. See a therapist


  1. Believe in yourself: You can overcome doubt by having the belief that you can always do it, you can always rise whenever you fall. Failure is not a problem but how fast do you rise after falling. You can only be judged by your success, not your failure.


  1. See a therapist: there’s no one who is capable to replace the space of a therapist. They have been trained in that area; they have all it takes to change you from being a doubtful human.

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