2 Things You Must Know About Guys Beaten Up A Girl In Relationship

I have heard of so many stories of guys beaten up a girl in a relationship.

And I wonder how on earth will a guy do that. But I get to know that ladies are the cause of it all. Read me very well am not supporting that is good to beat a girl is right am just writing to bring to your notice that girls are there, own architect. I will be talking on some few reasons why those girls are senseless whenever I heard of there beaten up. You can drop your say after the post. Kindly read through.

2 Things You Must Know About Guys Beaten Up A Girl In Relationship

Girls beating by guys are stupid and why will a guy beat a girl in the first place?

That is wired to me. For a guy to raise his hand against a girl means the guy is not worth to be called a man. A guy beat you up and you said is your fault. What a senseless human being are you. As a lady never blame yourself for any beating you receive from a guy. You are meant to take care of not to be a strike on. Learn how to walk away from the guy that beat you in the first place if not the same senero will still happen. But a lady will receive a beat in the first place and still stay in the relationship when the guy has not yet paid your bride price. My lady, if you get beaten the second time I can say is your fault. Improve on your self.

Hot temper couples, another thing that always gets me angry

whenever I heard of guy beaten a lady up is the temper of both genders. How could you be dating a guy with a hot temper and still be nagging with him over everything? As a lady, you must be opposite of your boyfriend. If he is a hot temper person please be cool temper. Two wrong can never make a right. If you are hit temper and he too is a hot temper guy please do well to end the relationship if you do not want to be beaten every time there is a quarrel. Be wise enough to know your boyfriend and do not be a stupid girl that will be a punching bag to a guy. Avoid this if you do not want to be dead in a relationship. Do not let love cloud your eye.


Never be Strive for your right in a relationship

As a girl, you will be in a relationship and still yet you have no say in anything. Tell me why wouldn’t your guy beat you up whenever he likes. Since you have neglected your say in the relationship. Don’t be rude in a relationship but always be aware that no.matter what you too can stand your ground no matter what. A lady will receive a beat and will be saying what can I do?. That is stupidity. A relationship is for you to build, grow not to suppress. But that’s what ladies do now. Senseless people. Never let your guy have every say on your life. Own it and live it for yourself. Am not a feminist but am trying to save a senseless lady from been beaten again. A say by Suft creation “Ladies are not for punching bags in relationships” that tells you never be a senseless girl in a relationship.

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