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Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Broke Girl



Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Broke Girl

Guys, how do you guys cope with broke girls that always depend on your fund and will not even have time to think and have a source of income. Stop dating broke girls!!!

This is New Year for you guys to find a girl that is financially okay and can also help in funding some of the outing things sometimes.



  1. A lady that cannot buy you a birthday or a valentine’s day gift, but always expect you to buy the whole shopping mall for her every day.
  2. Someone who can not comfortably call you on the phone for 5 minutes. She will be telling you I don’t have airtime and I just call my mum just now and am out of airtime. Always flashing and complain that she does not have airtime. My guy, she is broke.
  3. A lady that cannot visit you with is own pocket money whenever she wanted to come over. She will be like please and not with cash to come over unless you transfer some cash to me.

Let think of it this way, how do you guys cope dating a lady that is broke and always think that it is the responsibility of the guy to do all the finances?. And that she suppose to be taking care of and all her responsibility, want are to be meant by the man? How do you cope niggas?. I keep wondering how you guys keep those girls around you and still leave a comfortable life.

And also Se-x is not the only guy that enjoy most if we want to look at it. Girls use to think they offer guys se-x and guys should keep sending too. My dear both parties enjoy it. So guys how do you manage to date a broke girl?

Guy, never date a broke lady no matter how pretty she or gorgeous she looks, cause they are a burden and a serious liability that you can never carry. Date a lady that can add to your finances, intelligent, spiritual life, emotion e.t.c. Date a lady that will add more value to your life and a lady that will pick you up whenever your soul is down.

Forget all those When then talk. Do not tolerate any woman’s brokenness or stupidity just because of her physical beauty. There are actually a lot of ladies with a gorgeous look and beauty with a common sense of humor and still financially okay.

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