Things you need to know about all this tertiary institutions

Everybody wants to go and study in a prestigious tertiary institutions

They have to know and pay attention to before going in there.

Am not writing this post to scare you nor frighten you but for you to know what you are about to go and face and what you have to put in mind. Any tertiary institutions you are preparing to enter be it university, polytechnic, colleges of education technical school e.t.c there are a lot of things going on there that you must be cautious of. Kindly read what I enumerated down here.

Things you need to know about all this tertiary institutions

I have seen them and I know what am writing about:

In tertiary institution, the primary aim is to shun Examination malpractice, Cultist life, and gang lifestyles. Believe yea me this is taking a lot of phases in the tertiary institutions. You must definitely find, encounter, on join one if you enter university. But please don’t joint them it worse life more than you thing nor imaging. Not all that glitter are gold. Cold bloodshed has been their thing which is really bad in society. As a novice never indulges in this lifestyle if you enter.

Every tertiary institution has a diverse region and  Level of spiritual life going on there. What am saying here is that spiritual things happen in school and you must know your side. Never be setting on the fence if you are not ready to jump. My point here is that you can practice your religion lifestyle in school without anyone tackling you. Muslim, Christian, traditional e.t.c are all in the university and doing their various things. Don’t get to tertiary institutions and thought is only your religion there. Diverse off religion, denominations in there.


Educational background differences will always be seen.

Never thought you will match those that go to public school with those that go to private school never!!.

But one thing is sure that you are in there together to study the same thing and get the same degree. Do not be intimidated with there fluency in English. I have been involved in such a situation and still, they cannot match me. There will definitely show some requirements but prove the requirements to be wrong.

Their lifestyle will surely be different.

Check my other post to for continuation, please.


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