Things you need to know about all this tertiary institutions – part two

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University life is so divers and complex to people that enter without any clue of what is in there. I have explained two of what I have study and see.

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Things you need to know about all this tertiary institutions

Another lifestyle in tertiary institutions is the divers in Tribals and cultures. Tertiary institutions bring together different cultures and tribe. Your tribe is unique and you must appreciate other tribes you come in contact with. Never be too dull to recognized other tribe from yours. In university, there are days for people to showcase there tribal attire and cultural diversity.


Entrepreneur life

is for tertiary institutions student to know and do things outside school curriculum that will do them favor in life. While in school you will see people that are not much involved in with school activities but are into entrepreneur thing and attend different seminar and training. While in school the lifestyle of an entrepreneur is different and must be left to the fullest. Is a good thing to be an entrepreneur and build one business.


Life building and life-destroying

are in tertiary institutions which you must pay attention to. Using myself as an example I have been through the two sides of this life in school. During my year one I mean my 100 level days tertiary institutions really destroy my life to the last point. And now I can tell you also that tertiary institutions have built me to the level that I thought not off. If you want the full story comment or send me a message to my E-mail. Building here is to make you a better you. And destroying is to run your life.


Parties life and flexing have been the order of the day in various tertiary institutions in the nation. Where I school in the east clubbing is just a daily routine to people. Don’t be carried away with those lifestyle and freak about it. That is part of the lifestyle you will see at tertiary institutions university. University lifestyle is very diverse and you must be aware of those that are a detriment to your life.

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