[Read This] Education is a scam just get your sense Right

You cannot be telling me school is a scam when your sense is not right

I can you have the notion of school is a scam and thought the school will make sense to you. You were in school is for you to have sense and get things right. Imaging you solving all the hard equation, problems, difficulties in the lecture room but cannot solve a din in your life problems. Get this straight for you to be in school is never a scam. All you have to do is put all the challenges you face in school and apply it in your life. If you get your sense right school will never be a scam to you.

Education is a scam

What course you should go for? Can you honestly answer that question?

That has been the problem of people shouting school is a scam. How can you be in a department that you have no idea of not to talk of picking interest in? All ways have an interest in your course and are sure of what you are doing there. And also there are courses that are relevant in this our nation. I will not condemn any course in this post but I have some course that I can tell you not to go to school. If you do school will be a scam to you no matter what. Any course of study you are intend doing never waste six years on it here in Nigeria. I have my reasons and am not against any medical courses and law. But always look deep and know what you want and enjoy school to the fullest.

Never depend on school alone as if the school is all you get and have in this life.

People that make it in life are not school graduates but people that change things in life are people that school pass through them.  As all are a witness of what is happening in this nation all our graduate are depending on government for a job. When they can be self-employed and make a good leaving. I have a senior while in school that cries during his 400level industrial defense. He was hoping for A after his defense to be assured of his first class but they denied him over which make him cry bitterly. But is not about the cry but about what he altered he said ” am finish what can I do without this first class. I don’t do anything aside book”. Can you see that he built all his life in first class in school? To him now the school will definitely be a scam but not knowing school was never and will never be. Abraham Lincoln said, ” if education is expensive try ignorance “.

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